2019 Goals

Happy New Year everyone! We're now in the 2nd week of the year so I hope everyone has recovered from all the festivities and ready for the year ahead! It's been a while since I blogged as I fell out of love with it for a while. But I'm back and recharged and getting back... Continue Reading →


Dermalogica Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask and Breakout Clearing Booster Review

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer! I know I have been absent on my blog but I've just been enjoying life, taking day trips to the capital, going on dates, hanging out with friends and family, going to the movies and pigging out...A LOT! This sets the start of this review perfectly as... Continue Reading →

How I’ve Learned To Love My Body!

In this day and age, it's difficult not to compare yourself to others when you have social media platforms showing 'perfect' lives and 'perfect' angles and showing how 'real' the other half live. To be perfectly honest, at this current moment I am probably the biggest I have ever been weight wise, but I have... Continue Reading →

My March Reading List

This month I managed to read three books and am currently a third into another one. The first two were by Jojo Moyes, as they were the 2nd two books in the Me Before You trilogy. The 3rd book I read and current book I am reading are both thriller novels by Paula Hawkins. This... Continue Reading →

My February Reading List

In February I’ve been able to read more books due to my commutes to work and home again in the train 30 mins there and back. I only managed to read 3 and a half books. I started reading one at the beginning of February and got 30 pages in ad just could not get... Continue Reading →

My February Favourites!

Hey guys, I can't believe February has already been and gone! One thing that is definitely not on my favourites for this month was Beast from the East which arrived right at the end with it bringing Storm Emma, although it has provided me with my first ever snow day! This month I seem to... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

  Hey guys, I was recently nominated by @nocturnalcrazies for the Sunshine Award. I feel so honoured to be nominated as I now feel like a true member of the blogging community. The rules for accepting this nomination: Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog. Answer the... Continue Reading →

My January Favourites!

Hey guys! I can’t believe we’re in February of 2018 already! I hope you are still sticking to your new year resolutions if you made any or even weekly/daily goals. Although January felt like the longest month financially, I can’t believe it’s already passed! So here are a few of my faves of the month... Continue Reading →

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